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Invited Talks

2024     "Immanent Critique: Critical Theory and Marxism," Rochester University. 

2024     "The Emergence of the Fragmented Subject in Capitalism and Feminism,"Continental Philosophy Research Group Talk,  University of Toronto.

2024     “Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Capitalism,” Luxemburg Symposium, Society for Women of Ideas, Toronto. 

2024     “A Feminist Critique of the Fragmented Subject,” Stony Brook University.

2024     “Imperialism, the Balkans, and Decolonial Theory,” Deparochializing Political Theory, Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto.

2023     “Balkanization and the Racial Order,” The Race, Ethics, and Power Project, University of Toronto.

2023     “Reproductive Crisis: Federici on Female Labor in Capitalism,” Society for Italian Philosophy, Society Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Conference, Toronto Metropolitan University.

2023     “Feminist Philosophy: The Question of Identity,” Identity Forum, Toronto Metropolitan University. 


2022     “Progress Toward Hell: Reclaiming Stability with Benjamin and Adorno,” Grinnell College.

2022     “What is Immanent Critique?”, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).


2020     “Politics of Disruption: Reclaiming Stability,” Graduate Student Colloquium, DePaul University.

2020     “Kosova 21 Years After the War: From Peaceful Resistance to Independence.” Panelist. Albanian Studies, DePaul University.

2019     “Value and Wealth in the Work of Karl Marx: What Drives the Movement of Capital?,” Prishtina Institute for Political Studies, Prishtina, Kosova. 

2019     “Freud and His Legacy in Critical Theory,” Prishtina Institute for Political Studies, Prishtina, Kosova.


2024     “The Politics of Disruption: Adorno and Benjamin on Emancipatory Praxis,” Philosophy and Social  Science, Prague.

2024     “Can Women Reproduce Humans? A Critique of Reproductive Labor Theory,” Critical Theory Conference, Rome, 2024

2023     “World-Travelling to the Servants’ Quarters: The Limits of Lugones’ Transnational Feminism,” philoSOPHIA Conference.


2023     “What is Immanent Critique? Recovering Marcuse’s Critical Theory of Society,” 15th International Critical Theory Conference, Rome, Italy.


2023     “World-Travelling to the Servants’ Quarters: The Pseudo-Concreteness of Lugones’ Decolonial Feminism,” 7th Latinx Philosophy Conference, Temple University.


2022     “The Dialectic of Stability and Instability in Benjamin, Adorno, and Anders,” 14th International Critical Theory Conference, Rome, Italy.


2021     “Masking Domination Through Precariousness: The Social Character of Needs and the Limits of the Precarity/Precariousness Distinction,” Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Rochester, NY.


2021     “The Capitalist Dialectic of Stability and Instability,” Mancept Workshop, University of  Manchester.


2020     “The Social Character of Interdependency: A Critique of Precarity Politics,” FRINGS Colloquium, DePaul University.


2020     “Selflessness and Selfishness in Capitalism: An Analysis of the Possibility of Love in Capitalism through Erich Fromm and Theodor Adorno,” Philosophy of Love Conference, Tilburg University. Tilburg, Netherlands.


2019     “Is Nationalism Obsolete?” Balkan Society for Theory and Practice Workshop, Prishtina, Kosova.


2018     “Decoloniality in Eastern Europe,” Balkan Society for Theory and Practice Workshop, Prizren, Kosova.


2018     “Schiller’s Mystery: The Production of the Beautiful,” European Society for Aesthetics, Berlin.


2017     "Direct Action and Institutional Resistance,” Sites of Resistance: From Local to Global, Tulane University.


2016     Paper response to Sean Wilson’s “Pearl Fishing with Murray Bookchin,” Philosophical Ecologies Conference, DePaul University.


2015     “Thinking the New Faces of Suffering,” Comparative and Continental Philosophy Conference, University of Iceland. Reykjavik, Iceland.

2015     “Thinking the New Faces of Suffering,” Intersections of Experience: Culture, Violence, and Power Conference, Emory University.


2014     “Marx’s Understanding of Alienation: The Relationship between the Realm of Freedom and the Realm of Necessity,” Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.


2013     “Feminism and Antagonism,” VETEVENDOSJE!, Prishtina, Kosova.

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