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Reclaiming Stability

My book, Reclaiming Stability: The Dialectic of Stability and Instability, provides a monograph-length analysis of the concept of stability in the history of political philosophy. I argue that there has been a shift from the early-modern view of stability as intrinsic to a just society to the contemporary view that stability is detrimental to political life. In light of this history, I critique contemporary political philosophy’s romanticization of disruptive, radical, and agonistic politics as abandoning the pursuit of lasting justice for the oppressed. Engaging with the traditions of critical theory, feminism, Marxism, and Black political thought, the book responds to this abdication by constructing a new theory of stable justice. Justice for the oppressed that is not stable, it argues, is no justice at all; it is merely a temporary reprieve.


Research Agenda

My book is part of a broader research agenda that seeks to revive first-generation Frankfurt School methodologies for perennial questions of justice and emancipation, especially around debates in feminism and philosophy of race. My article, “Ontology as Ideology: A Critique of Judith Butler’s Theory of Precariousness,” which is currently under review, critiques ontological approaches to politics as failing to transcend capitalist domination. I have also explored the underlying dangers of fetishizing resistance in “A Critique of Queer Phenomenology: Gender and the Sexual,” which is published in Studies in Gender and Sexuality. Moreover, I have analyzed the violence and domination of capitalist society in an article in Continental Thought & Theory entitled “Exchange-Value and the Concealment of Theft and Violence.” My forthcoming contribution in Creolizing Critical Theory argues that creolization theory’s model of liberation mimics capitalism’s process of constant change. My entry on Silvia Federici is forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science and I am contributing a chapter on immanent critique to the forthcoming edited volume, The Marcusean Mind.




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(Translated into Albanian).


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"Exchange-Value and the Concealment of Theft and Violence," Continental Thought & Theory Journal 1 (2): 269-291.

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Articles in Progress

"The Bourgeois Character of World-Travelling: Lugones and Class Politics." In preparation for submission.

"Decolonial Theory and the Balkans." In preparation for submission.

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